YFN Lucci Explains That Wicked Picture Of His Real Teeth

YFN Lucci Explains That Wicked Picture Of His Real Teeth

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YFN Lucci explained why he took that viral picture of his teeth, which were seriously shaved down before getting his diamond grills.

Before he got a permanent diamond grill implanted in his mouth, YFN Lucci was working with some pretty peculiar-looking chompers. Posting a viral picture to his social media accounts, the Atlanta native showed off his teeth, smiling wide and accepting a ton of roasting for his teeth, which were so shaved down that it looked comical. 

Now that’s he’s had his diamond teeth for a few months, YFN Lucci is providing the insight that we all needed into a few things surrounding his teeth. First things first, why did he even decide to share the picture of his teeth all shaved down?

“You damn near got to humiliate yourself– just showing them like, if you do stupid sh*t, watch how they entertain that sh*t more than the real sh*t, you feel me,” said YFN Lucci in his latest interview with VladTV. He claims that part of the fun was knowing that the picture would go viral, getting picked up by blogs and hip-hop news sites, like us.

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He goes on to say that the diamonds in his mouth are flawless, which they should be since they came with a $120,000 price tag. He also clarified that the diamonds in his grill aren’t too large, but they’re perfectly cut because, if they were too big, there would more of a chance that they would fall out. And you know that he doesn’t want his grill to fall out because… well, we’ve all seen what’s underneath.

For right now, Big Lucc plans on keeping his diamond teeth but, in about five years, he’ll go back to white veneers. Hopefully, we get an updated picture of his actual teeth when that time comes. Maybe they’ll be completely shaved down.

Take care of your dental hygiene, ladies and gentlemen.

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